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Europcar Car Rental at Montpellier

car hire at Montpellier AirportOne of the most popular car rental companies that operates out of Montpellier airport is Europcar.

They have a good range of cars ranging from "Economic" such as a Renault Twingo, "Compact" such as a Ford Focus or a Volkswagen Golf, "Intermediate" such as Renault Scenic or Mercedes A Class, or "Routiere" such as a VW Passat or a Renault Laguna.

Spend a bit more money and you can go for the "Confort" class. With cars such as a Mercedes C Class or an Audi A4. They'll even rent you a 4x4. Ideal if you're going to drive up into the Pyrenees for a bit of skiing.

The Europcar desk is easy to find. It's in the main terminal building just off to the left as you come through baggage reclaim. The car hire desks tend to get pretty busy during the summer season so why not send one of your party on to get in line while the rest of you wait for your bags?

Montpellier Europcar Car Rental

Europcar Car Hire
Montpellier Aéroport Méditerranée
34130 Montpellier

Telephone +33 46 74 21 470

Opening hours: Monday - Sunday 08:00 - 12: 00 & 14:00-18:30