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Ada Car Rental at Montpellier Airport

car hire at Montpellier AirportAda car rental are well known in France, having 403 of their 491 offices within France itself.

They have four offices that cover Montpellier. Their Ada at Montpellier airport office is located in the main terminal building just off to the left as you come through passport control and the baggage reclaim area.

Their cars start at the lower end of the scale with a Renault Twingo or equivalent. One of their most popular rental categories is the "Economiques" category. This has cars such as Opel Corsa, Peugeot 206, Renault Clio, Fiat Punto.

These cars come in both petrol and diesel guises and can seat up to four people. Bear in mind that these cars are not going to be what you'd call "Sporty", so you might as well go for the diesel option. Diesel is much cheaper in France than petrol and you'll get much better fuel economy.

Whether you choose diesel or petrol, you'll find it better value to opt to bring your car back with a full fuel tank when you're finished.

Montpellier Airport Ada Car Rental

Ada Car Rental at Montpellier Airport
Montpellier Aéroport Méditerranée
34130 Montpellier

Telephone: +33 4 67 20 02 12

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 08:00-23:00: Saturday & Sunday 09:00-23:00