Montpellier Airport

Montpellier Airport Parking

parking at Montpellier AirportParking at Montpellier Airport is very straightforward. There are three car parks which are all within easy walking distance of the terminal. P2 and P3 are short term car parks directly outside of the terminal, while P4 is a long term car park a few hundred metres away. You will find baggage trolleys at each car park nearby and in the terminal building.

P1 is reserved for the hire car companies, and is where you go to collect and drop off your hire car.

Each car park operates on a ticket at entry system, so keep you ticket with you and don't lose it.

When parking at Montpellier airport, don't forget to pay at the ticket machines (one at each end of the terminal, one inside the terminal building, plus two in car park P2) and get your exit ticket before you leave.

Montpellier Méditerranée Airport carries out surveillance of the parking areas, but does not provide a security guard service. For these services Car Hôtel is at your disposal in car park P0 (full details below).

Car Parking Charges at Montpellier Airport

Parking Duration P2 P3 P4
0 -30minutes €2.00 €2.50 €2.50
30 minutes -1 hour €2.50
1 - 3 hours €4.00 €4.00 €4.00
3 -12 hours €7.00 €5.00 €7.00
12-24 hours €11.00 €8.00 €11.00
24 hours - 2 days €26.00 €20.00 €20.00
2- 7 days €30.00
7 -15 days €18.00
Each addtional day €15.00 €12.00 €7.00


Car Hotel at Montpellier Airport

parking at Montpellier AirportIn addition to the airport run parking at Montpellier airport, there is a private company called Car Hotel who offer a secure, fenced and gated car park under camera surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

They are just next door to the departure hall ("Parking garde'" on the above plan) and offer secure parking that can include valeting of your car and even refueling if you need it.

If you wish to contact them their telephone numbers are: +33 4 67 20 86 46 / +33 4 67 65 31 96 or visit

Below is a schedule of their charges:

Car park
Cleaning prices
Type of
Outside Inside Ins./Out.
1st day €18.00 Hatchback €14.00 €30.00 €35.00
2 days €30.00
3 days €40.00 Large Hatchback €17.00 €30.00 €35.00
5 days €60.00
    Monospace 4x4 €95.00 €33.00 €46 .00