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Weather In Languedoc

Languedoc weather is predictably better than the weather in the UK. I guess that’s why so many Brits come here on holiday. Below is the current weather for all airports that serve the region.

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Languedoc Climate

Languedoc weather on the coast is typically Mediterranean, with average summer temperatures of nearly 30C (86F). These coastal areas rarely freeze in winter, and only once in a blue moon do they see snow.

As you go inland, the temperatures tend to be a few degrees warmer in the summer, and a few degrees cooler in the winter. Records show that Nimes is the hottest place in France, with a recorded temperature of 43C (110F), in the shade in 2001.

languedoc weatherOf course once you venture into the mountains you tend to find micro-climates with higher rainfall, more cloud and cooler temperatures depending on altitude. Even so, the region makes for a pretty safe bet for summer sun and even in the winter months it’s not uncommon to see 20C with a clear blue sky.

It’s exactly that clear blue sky that makes it feel a good few degrees warmer than it really is. Even if it’s cold and you have to wrap up, a blue sky will always put a smile on your face. Montpellier claims to have more than 300 sunny days per year.

Of course Languedoc weather is by no means perfect, and the area gets it’s fair share of rain. Generally the summers are exceptionally dry with occasional (but often very heavy) rainfall in the autumn months. When it does rain it tends to rain hard for 3-5 days then clears up for another few weeks.

The cold Northerly Mistral wind from the Rhone valley influences Eastern languedoc, and the North Westerly Tramontaine influences Western languedoc. Both blow for a few days, several times each year. These winds can cool you in the summer months but chill you in the winter.