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Avignon Airport Car Hire

Car hire at Avignon AirportIn case you haven't driven in France before below are a few guidelines when using your hire car:

  • The maximum speed limit is generally 50kph through French villages and towns unless signs show a maximum speed which is often 40kph or just 30kph in small villages. Remember the speed limit signs are kilometres-per-hour.
  • The speed limit on a dual carriageway is 110 kph (100 kph when raining or the road is wet) and 90kph on other roads
  • There are speed cameras in France which are normally on the perimeter roads of large towns on "D" or "N" roads and a few located on the autoroutes. They are usually well marked with advance warning signs
  • Pétrole is not petrol in France, Essence is petrol (normally unleaded 95 or 98 octane). Gazole is diesel: . Super is usually the old leaded 4-star which is usually a lot more expensive than unleaded. Don't be tempted to put Super in newer cars otherwise because it will damage the catalytic-converter. The 24-hour unmanned petrol stations in France are unlikely to accept anything other than a French Visa card (or notes in Euros).

Car Hire at Avignon Airport

We provide details on the following car hire firms who are located in the terminal building at Avignon Airport:


Avis car hire at Avignon Airport

Avis at Avignon Airport

Europcar at Avignon Europcar at Avignon Airport
Hertz Rent a Car at Avignon Airport

Hertz at Avignon Airport

National Car Hire at AvignonAirport

National at Avignon Airport