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Flights To Nimes From Luton

Flights to Carcassonne AirportFlights from Luton to Nimes are operated by Ryanair. They currently operate one flight a day, seven days a week.

Flight times are just under two hours, and based upon my experience, they are usually on time. I've never flown from Luton to Nimes but have flown with Ryanair to other Languedoc airports (Montpellier, Carcassonne, Perpignan) and have only ever had one cancellation. In fact, the majority of Ryanair flights I've taken to the Languedoc have landed early.

Nimes Information

information on NimesThe main shopping area in Nimes is in the centre of town around the rues du Général-Perrier, des Marchands, du Chapître and pedestrianised rues de l'Aspic and de la Madeleine. A Sunday market operates from 8.00 am to around 1.00 pm in the car park at the Stade des Costière which is the town’s football stadium at the southern edge of the boulevard Périphérique that encircles Nîmes.

Those with a sweet tooth will be irresistibly drawn to the pastry shops where the local specialities are almond biscuits called croquants villaret and caladons.  The most popular shop is patisserie Villaret at 13 rue de la Madeleine (Tel: +33 4 66 67 41 79). Or you might prefer to give the sugar fix a miss and go for a santon which is a very attractive wood or clay figurine sculpted into a character from Provencal country life. For a selection of santons in various sizes, visit the Boutique Provençale, 10 place de la Maison Carrée (Tel: +33  4 66 67 8171).

In the Old Town, chain outlets rub shoulders with interior-design stores,boutiques and fabric shops selling the Provençal cottons that used to be produced here (Les Indiennes de Nîmes, Les Olivades, Souleiado). Antiques and collectibles can be found in tiny shops dotted around  the back streets.

If your a lover of rich foods than a visit to Aux Pates Fraiches is well worth a visit with its´ artistically displayed selection of fabulous pates and cured meats.  You can find them at rue des Broquers which is on a side street two lanes back from the arena in the Centre Ville area of town.

If you are looking for something different and are a fan of bullflighting then a visit to El Duendecillo at 20 rue Fresque is a must.  It is a shop dedicated to bullflighting and the matador Marc Serrano with some excellent original paintings and a selection of artwork as well as calendars and postcards.  Bullflighting held in the arena in Nimes comes in two forms with the traditional Languedoc flights when the bull is killed and the Camargue version where the bull lives and where points are gained by trying to pull ribbons off the animal’s horns.  If your are a real fan of bullflighting then you can purchase a complete  toreador costume at Maria Sara Création (who was a famous female bullflighter). 40 bis rue de la Madeleine Tel: +33 4 66 21 18 40.

There is a daily Green Market selling fresh fruit and vegetables, olives, fish, cheeses and local produce every morning (except Sunday) at Les Halles in the heart of Nimes.  There is also a Marche market held every Monday morning along the boulevard Jean Jaures where your can purchase bright regional textiles, linens, pottery and brocante (collectible bric a brac).

A selection of other shops well worth a visit include Cacharel  is a fashionable clothing store which is part of a famous chain founded in Nimes, 2 place de la Maison Caree (Tel: +33 4 66 21 82 82). FNadal is a tiny shop crammed full of olive oil dispensed from vats, herb soaps, local honey, coffee and spices, 7 rue St Castor (Tel: +33 4 66 67 35 42):

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