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Nimes Weather

weather in NimesNimes is situated on the temperate coastal plains of the Languedoc region which rarely freeze in winter. Summer temperatures are frequently in the eighties (30ºC+), with Nîmes, (reputedly the hottest place in France) recording temperatures of 43ºC (110ºF) in the shade in 2001.  Thankfully this is the exception rather than the rule and 30ºC is normally the highest it ever gets: and that is only during August.

The weather pattern in the Languedoc is among the most extreme in France. Nimes not only has a wonderful microclimate and the hottest summers, but also the highest winds.   Dry winds like the Mistral and the Tramontane blow at the extreme north during the summer months, and when the Sirocco blows then this is the time to keep your doors and windows closed as it carries very fine sand from  the North African deserts and can coat the whole house with a layer of dust very quickly.

Nimes Climate

climate in nimesclimate in Nimes


January and February are classed as the winter months in Nimes with rain, a few frosts and snowfalls on the plains and regular snowfall in the mountain ski resorts. It is still warmer than the UK and the days longer and brighter, but the rain does add a dampness to the air.

March and April can be unpredictable with glorious sunny days but also cooler cloud and rain. They are good months for the golfers offering ideal temperatures for them to play.

May and June are among the best months to be in Nimes with lots of sunshine and warm temperatures. They are the quieter periods leading up the children’s summer holidays and the town is less crowded and more relaxing than during the hottest months of  July and August. This is when the weather is hot and dry with temperatures around 30°C. During September it cools down a bit but can feel humid.

October is another wonderful month with the summer rush long gone and an abundance of warm, sunny days. November and December are cooler but still with lots of sunshine and again offer good golfing weather.

Choosing a car

If you are planning on hiring a car in Nimes to give you the freedom and flexibility to explore the area in the your own time, then over the summer months you should consider renting a vehicle with air conditioning.

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