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Flights to Carcassonne AirportThere are currently no direct flights from East Midlands Airport to Nimes. As soon as any new routes become available we will post details of them here.

The flight time is around two hours and ten minutes, and you'll need to be at the check in desk no later than 60 minutes before the scheduled take off time.

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information on NimesNimes is the classical town of southern Frence. It is often called Nîmes la Romaine because of three monuments: the Roman Arena; a wonderfully preserved ancient temple and grandiose Pont-du-Gard aqueduct. Obviously the Romans did not build them to be used as future museum exhibits, especially the Arena which once pulsated with colour, noise, life and death. Cleverly Nîmes has managed to preserve the wonderful sense of excitement and vitality which still courses round them.

The streets in the old centre form the heart of Nimes. They are mainly pedestrianised and throb with bars and restaurants.  The Victor Hugo tree lined boulevard circles the city centre leading to Maison Carre, which is a small and quite beautiful temple with steep steps, mosaics, statuary and Corinthian columns which was once the focal point of the Roman forum and is now just across from the tourist office and Norman Foster’s Carré-d'Art glass cube of an arts centre where ancient and modern are in perfect harmony.

The Jardins de la Fontaine is northwest of the centre at the top end of avenue Jean-Jaures, and was originally a Roman sanctuary to mark the Nemauses spring which gave the city its name. The sanctuary has long gone and it is now France’s first public garden which was opened in 1750.  This is a huge eighteenth century neo-classical park full of semi-nude male statues, bumper-sized cherubs and sunken waterways surrounding the Temple of Diana. It is well worth climbing the steep wooded slopes behind to the Tour Magne which is the last surviving tower of the Roman walls.  It offers amazing views over Nimes and the surrounding countryside and the climb down is a breathtaking way to approach the city centre.

There are some beautiful eighteenth century town houses which originate from Protestant textile wealth. The Protestants were banned from public office and therefore concentrated all their energies on making their money from cloth, inventing denim which was originally called serge-de-Nîmes.


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