Toulouse Airport

Parking at Toulouse Airport

Parking at Toulouse AirportDetailed below are the short and long term parking options at Toulouse Airport, together with the current tariffs for each car park.

As you enter the airport area a general board indicates the spaces available in all the car parks as well as on a board at the entrance to each car park.

Car park tickets have machine-readable bar codes, so you can simply place your ticket in front of the machine in the terminal or when exiting the car park to find out the price you have to pay.

You can pay by credit card (including American Express) in the machines on the left as you exit each car park or credit card (including American Express) or cash in the machines as you exit the terminal building.

Below is a location map showing where the various car parks are located:

Toulouse Airport car parks


Toulouse Airport Short Term Car Parking

PO Car Park has 255 spaces and is for use is you are staying at Toulouse Airport for less than 3 hours. It is very close to the terminal building and is idea if you you are escorting or collecting a passenger, have a business meeting or purchases to make in the airport shops.

Maximum headroom for vehicles here is 2.75m

P1 Car Park has 665 spaces and if for use by travellers parking at the airport for less than 24 hours. Again it is very close to the terminal buildings and offers a maximum headroom of 2.75m

Toulouse Airport Long Term Car Parking

P3 Car Park has 2525 spaces and is a covered and patrolled space next to the airport (which is reached via a covered walkway). Available spaces are displayed for each storey and there is an electronic guidance system leading you to the closest available place. It offers special access for passengers with reduced mobility and has spaces allocated to motorcycles

Maximum height 2.10m.

P2 Car Park has 980 spaces. It is a patrolled car park near Hall C and offers access to the terminal in about 7 minutes on foot or there is a free shuttle services between P2 and the airport terminal, every 5 to 10 minutes from 04:00 to midnight

Maximum height 4.00m.

P5 & P6 Car Parks have 3055 and 100 spaces respectively and are both patrolled and operate a free shuttle service every 5 to 10 minutes from 04:00 to midnight

Maximum height : P5 : 4.25m / P6 : no limit

Toulouse Airport Car Parking Tariffs

If you click on the link it will give you prices for car parking at Toulouse Airport.