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Nice Airport car hireThere are seven hire car companies that operate out of Nice airport.

The Languedoc region has excellent motorway connections with well maintained roads with good signposting.

France has more than 8,000 kilometres of motorways: most are toll roads (autoroutes des péages). They are split into eight privately owned networks funded by tolls collected as vehicles enter and leave and are excellently maintained allowing high average travelling speeds. The speed limit is 130km/h (80mph; 110km/h when wet).

Toll tickets are issued at the start of each motorway network with payments calculated on the distance travelled and paid when leaving the motorway, or motorway network. Payments at the péages (toll gates) can be made by all major credit cards and vary depending on the type of vehicle driven, with different price bands for: cars, vans, cars with trailers, lorries and motorbikes.

If you want to see as much of the countryside as possible and not in too much of a hurry then France has an excellent network of trunk roads - the N-denoted routes nationales.

Nice Airport Sixt Car Rental

Sixt care hire at Nice AirportSixt Car Rental at Nice Airport
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