Nice Airport

Nice Airport Car Parking

car parking at Nice AirportThere are a number of parking options and places to leave your car at Nice Airport. We have provided a location map to show you where they are situated in relation to the terminal buildings and we have given you a quick overview of when they should be used and what they charge.

Please note: The maximum parking period at Nice Airport is 40 days

Nice Airport Express Parking - Car Park P1

This is the car park closest to Terminal 1 and should only be used if you are planning on staying for a short time because it is expensive and charges the following tariffs:

Duration Charge (euros)
0-5 minutes free
5-30 minutes 3.00
30-45 minutes 4.00
45 minutes-1 hour 5.00
1-2 hours 10.00


Nice Airport Direct Access Car Parks P2, P3 & P5

These car parks are also close to the terminal buildings and should be used for short term parking of less than 4 days. The tariffs are as follows:

Duration Charge (euros)
up to 1 hour 2.50
1-2 hours 4.70
2-3 hours 6.70
3-4 hours 8.70
4-5 hours 10.80
5-6 hours 11.60
6-12 hours 13.00
12-24 hours 15.50


Nice Airport Low Cost Car Park P9

Duration Charge (euros)
24 hours up to 4 days 11.00
from 5th day 8.00


Nice Airport Long Term Parking Car Parks P4, P7 & P8


Duration P4 P7 P8
Per day up to 4 days 44.00 52.00 44.00
From the 5th day 8.00 10.00 8.00


You can find out more details of the latest tariffs for car parking at Nice Airport by visiting their website Nice Airport Car Parking

Nice Airport Car Parks

Below is a plan showing the location of the various car parks at Nice Airport:

parking at Nice Airport