Marseille Airport

Flights to Marseille Airport from Bristol

Flights to Marseille AirportRegular flights are available from Bristol to Marseille throughout the year with a flight journey  time of around 2 hours. The clocks in France are always one hour ahead so all times quoted are local.

Easyjet is the only airline in the UK to operate direct flights from Bristol to Marseille Airport


Marseille Airport InformationYou can hire a car from Marseille Airport and explore the small fishing village of Callelongue to the east on the outskirts of Marseille and drive along to Cassis where you will find the Calangues which is a rugged and beautiful coastal area interspersed with small fjords.

If you travel even further east you come to the Sainte-Baume 1,147 metre high mountain ridge surrounding by forests, the town of Toulon and the French Riviera.

If you drive to the the west of Marseille you can visit is the former artists' colony of l'Estaque and the Côte Bleu and Camargue region in the Rhône delta.

Marseille Airport Flights

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