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Bordeaux Climate

Bordeaux WeatherBordeaux is within France’s famous Aquitaine wine region, situated on the bend of the Garonna River in south west France. The region enjoys a mild climate which of course makes it ideal for wine growing and is the reason why this location is one of the world's top wine producing areas.

Much like the majority of France, Bordeaux is a wonderful place to visit in the spring when the flowers and trees are starting to bloom. From March until May the maximum average temperatures range from 15º -20ºC. Average rainfall is at its lowest in April.

The climate is much the same during Autumn although the majority of the wineries do close their doors in October due to the grape harvest taking place. For this reason, if you want to take in what the wine region of Bordeaux has to offer, it is not recommended to visit during Autumn.

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Due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, the area is protected from temperature extremes. Summer in Bordeaux is wonderful with clear blue skies and sunny days that are made all the more enjoyable when taking the atmosphere with a glass of the regions finest red wine. The average temperature range during summer is around 13-25ºC, where July tends to be the hottest month. The evenings bring a pleasing Atlantic wind which leaves the area enjoying delightful cool summer nights.

The winters in Bordeaux are not too cold and short but have a tendency to feel quite damp. November to January is when the region receives its greatest rainfall with December being particularly wet. Average minimum temperatures for December is 2ºC which can move up to an average maximum of 9ºC.

January is in general the coldest month, with temperatures of 2ºC although the coldest temperature ever recorded in Bordeaux was recorded in the month of February when temperatures dropped to -15ºC.

Generally Bordeaux is enjoyable all year round although if you do wish to avoid the streams of tourists which come to the region then it is best to avoid July and December. If you are not concerned with the wine aspect of the region then Autumn is a time with a very pleasurable period of weather.