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Bergerac Climate

Bergerac WeatherBergerac enjoys a climate that is much like the majority of the south of France which is mild with short winters longer summers and no real temperature extremes. Bergerac is situated slightly inland and located approximately 90 km east of Bordeaux which means that it is not affected by the Atlantic winds that have the affect of cooling the nearby coastal towns.

Spring time in March and April bring average temperatures of 11 to 14 degrees before increasing up to 18 degrees in May. March does have a tendency to be slightly windier so a more pleasant time to visit would be later on in Spring.

In summer average temperatures hover around 23 to 24 degrees with 30+ degree temperatures not uncommon. The temperature can reach or surpass 30C throughout July and August at an average of 8 times per month. It was in Bergerac where one of the hottest days in this region was recorded where the mercury rose to 42 degrees in July 1949.

Bergerac averages about 112 days of rain per year with occasional thunderstorms that bring torrential down pours. In Autumn and Winter the temperatures begin to fall and in October the average temperature is around 16 degrees to 20 degrees in September. November brings an average night time minimum temperature of 5 degrees.

Annual sunshine hours range from 1900 to 2000 from the north to the south of the Dordogne region. In spring, summer and autumn the Bergerac and the South west of the region enjoys a higher number of sunshine hours than the rest of the area.