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Perpignan Climate

weather in PerpignanThe climate in the Languedoc-Roussillon region is Mediterranean. It is the hottest region in France after Corsica. Perpignan is on the coast and sheltered by mountains so it is dry and hot during the summer months of July and August when it can average between 25º and 30ºC during the day and 20º-23ºC at night. September is warm but can feel humid and warm, and sunny October is a beautiful month to visit Perpignan. The average number of sunny days in Perpignan is three hundred every year. Because the Languedoc covers a large area, the weather can vary enormously within its borders and some of the resorts in the mountains can experience the odd thunderstorm and the valleys tend to experience more rain.

Spring and Autumn weather tend to be more changeable as this region has some of the most extreme in the country as it has not only the hottest summers but the highest winds.

climate in Perpignan


Perpignan suffers from the Tramontane which blows in the from the north sometimes reaches gusts of up to 110 km per hour – but this only lasts for a few days. Also for a few days every year the Sirocco also blows carrying a fine cloud of dust from the North African deserts.

It gets cooler in November and December but there is a still lot of sunshine. The winter months of January and February experience lots of rain, but this is needed to keep the area looking so lush and verdant for the remainder of the year. Temperatures average 10ºC during the day but can drop to -2ºC at night, but coastal plains rarely freeze. The air is dry and the sky blue with clear skies on most days. Snow falls in Perpignan every six or seven years and lasts for about five days. March and April can be unpredictable with glorious sunny days interspersed with cooler, cloudy and rainy periods.